[VIDEO] It’s a 2-for-1 Special on AS4U with NU’EST and C-Clown!

This week, KBS treated fans to a special episode with not one, but two featured groups! MCs Kangin, Amber, and Sungjae were joined by NU’EST and C-Clown.

The episode put the groups’ variety skills to test and it was chock full of competitions to test their various abilities. The winning team received a coupon to come back to A Song For You as a solo guest!

Here’s a round-up of just a few of the highlights from this week’s episode – be sure to catch the whole episode to see who wins out in the end!

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1. Not one, not two, but ELEVEN handsome guests!


They’re having an “idol war.” I’d like to participate, please.

2. Sungjae’s Secret Date with…


… Peniel?

3. Ren + Ray.


Double the R’s, double the attractive.

4. English-language idol bonding!


Team Rome and Aron! Who knew speaking English could actually work against you?

5. Kangin’s face.


Always making for the best screencaps, somebody get this guy an award!

6. A Maru vs. JR dance battle.


If you can call that dancing?

7. Minhyun’s Wink.


Does it count as a wink if both eyes close?

8. The ultimate battle of strength between Ray and Baekho:


Arm wrestling. 

9. Kangjun rolls in late and…


… battles himself?

10. A painful challenge.


Acupuncture pad long jump… ouch.

11. The performances!


C-Clown brought a special remix of “In The Car” and NU’EST performed “Love Without Love.”

So, since this episode is a two-for-one deal, there’s no reason not to watch it now:

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