Taeyeon Is Focused on Beauty and Fashion Instead of Her Personal Life For “The TaeTiSeo” Program

Taeyeon revealed her thoughts about the reality program she chose to appear in as her first broadcast activity since her dating scandal.

On August 22, a presentation for the program “The TaeTiSeo” which will air on On Style happened at the CJ E&M Center media hall. Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun and producer Kim Ji Wook participated.

A reporter asked Taeyeon “Isn’t it burdensome to choose a reality program as your first broadcast since the scandal?” Taeyeon responded “This program will show the process of our new album. I wanted to show the beauty and fashion that many people are curious about, so I chose this program. Even though it is a reality (show), there’s no need to reveal everything about my personal life.”

“The TaeTiSeo” is a reality program that sheds light on the life style of TaeTiSeo. The program will reveal the makeup and fashion that TaeTiSeo employs. The first episode will air August 26 at 11 PM on On Style.