Swings and Ailee Have Some Advice for Women on Finding “A Real Man”

Swings and Ailee have something to say to ladies looking for a real man.

On August 22 at noon, Swings and Ailee’s collaborative track “A Real Man” was released.

The song combines Swings’ sensible advice for women and Ailee’s powerful vocals with a mellow beat. A self-styled “bad guy who’s getting better,” Swings starts out with rapping about the demands and burdens that drag on the modern woman’s life, from the perspective of a man: the makeup one must wear even to study, high heels, and the pressure to marry.

Above all, he has this advice for women who have met and been wounded by bad men. “I can’t tell you what a good man is,” he says, “(but it’s clear) that a good man is as rare as gold. Meet a man who is dedicated to improving himself. That’s a real man.”

Ailee chimes in with a woman’s own perspective. “When you’re mad, it’s ok to get mad,” she sings. “If you speak your mind now, everyone will listen.”

“A Real Man” is a follow up to Swings’ popularly received single “A Real Lady.” AOMG’s Gray participated in the producing, composing, and mixing of the track.