BTS Holds Comeback Showcase and Talks about New Album

On August 19, Big Hit Entertaimnent’s boy group BTS held a showcase one day ahead of the release of “Dark & Wild.” “Dark & Wild” is the group’s first full album, coming a mere year and two months after the group’s debut in 2013.

As with the group’s previous releases, the tracks on “Dark & Wild” were produced and composed by Hitman Bang as well as producers-in-training Supreme Boi and Slow Rabbit, with a lot of help from various members in the group. As it has been six months since BTS last promoted in Korea, leader Rap Monster explained that the members have been quite busy overseas, but also worked hard at practicing choreography, recording, and assisting in the production of the album so that it would be ready in time. He further explains that the music in “Dark & Wild” is more mature than in previous releases. Member Sugar adds that “we talk about things that guys our age can relate to, like girls and love,” and that the lyrics are “very honest.”

The members also explain that the album is meant to be a direct continuation of the theme in their previous release “Boy in Luv,” in which the lyrics pleaded with the listener to be their girlfriends. In the title track “Danger,” the theme is a man who has started dating but isn’t receiving equal attention from the girl he loves.

Check out the members performing “Danger,” “War of Hormone,” and “Let Me Know” below.