BTS Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video For “Danger”

Idol group BTS has released a video giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of the music video for “Danger,” the title track off of their recent full album release “Dark & Wild.”

The video shows cuts from the filming process interspersed with short clips of the members spontaneously reacting to the camera or giving their thoughts on the song. In contrast to the mood of the music video, which reflects the anger and frustration expressed by the lyrics, the atmosphere between the members during filming was fun and relaxed. The members joke and laugh despite their obvious exhaustion. “I’m so tired!” exclaim J-Hope and Jimin, while V cries over the hair he had to cut during the shooting process, and Rap Monster says that the choreography is ten times harder than for “Boy In Luv.” However, each member is full of smiles despite the hard work.

Check out the video below.