Kim Young Kwang and Yook Sungjae Show Off Their Abs in “Plus Nine Boys” Stills

Actors Kim Young Kwang and Yook Sungjae’s recent stills are giving them the name of “visual brothers” in the upcoming tvN drama “Plus Nine Boys.”

Both actors showed off their manly charms with their shirtless bodies in the recent stills. The two will be portraying the roles of brothers with an age difference of 10 years.

In the released stills, Kim Young Kwang is at a swimming pool. As a model-turned-actor, his broad shoulders and perfect proportions are impeccable. On the other hand, Yook Sungjae is showing off his charisma at a judo gymnasium.

2014.08.23_kim young kwang & yook sung jae drama still

In the drama, Kim Young Kwang and Yook Sungjae will be portraying the roles of a 20s male representative and a teen male representative, respectively. First, Kim Young Kwang is the attractive 29-year-old tour planner Kang Jin Goo. Kang Jin Goo is a free spirit that works at the nation’s first major travel agency. Within the company, he is the perfect man with looks and intelligence. However, his only issue his is inability to catch the heart of Ma Se Young (portrayed by Kyung Soo Jin), and this becomes his major struggle.

On the other hand, Yook Sungjae plays the judo athlete Kang Min Goo. As a 19-year-old, which is apparently when the blood is hottest for growing males, Kang Min Goo is passionate, charming, and has a huge appetite. His dream is to go to an elite college for judo, but ends up experiencing his greatest crisis at the most critical moment. One day, he meets his destiny Han Soo Ah (A Pink’s Park Chorong) and falls for her instantly. He is expected to experience a passionate love that he has not experienced before. Yook Sung Jae has been falling into his role by learning and training for judo so he can better portray his character. His transformation into the manliest man is highly anticipated.

2014.08.23_plus nine boys poster 2

The drama “Plus Nine Boys” will be about the unlucky romances of 9-year-old, 19-year-old, 29-year-old, and 39-year-old males (in Korea, the superstition is that if there is a “9” in your age, you will experience a crisis—thus they are called the “critical 9” years). It will also star Oh Jung Se, Yoo Da In, and child actors Choi Ro Woon, and Lee Chae Mi. The purpose of the drama is to express our daily lives and relationships through the family of men that are all experiencing the “critical 9” in their lives. The script will be written by Park Yoo Mi, who writes the scripts for KBS “Sponge” and MBC “We Got Married Season 4,” among others. It will be directed by Yoo Hak Chan, who also directed tvN “The Romantic” and “Three Fools” among other variety shows. He also co-directed last year’s big hit drama, “Reply 1994.” Fans are anticipating his wit in his continuation of comical drama series on tvN.

2014.08.23_plus nine boys poster

Meanwhile, “Plus Nine Boys” will air its first episode this coming August 29 on tvN. Anyone planning on tuning in?

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