Kim So Yeon, G.NA, and Others Have a Hard Time on Military Women Special of “Real Men”

In the upcoming episode of “Real Men,” seven female celebrities will enter the military to receive training in the army.

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Prior to the beginning of training, all of the members had to go through a physical test.

Kim So Yeon, who has kept an image of a tough heroine through her role in the drama IRIS, surprised everyone by failing to pass all of her physical tests. Unlike her action-packed roles in the dramas, she failed to pass the sit-up test, push-up test, and running test.

2014.08.23_real men female army special

The other members showed a different character from their normal selves as well. The eldest, actress Ra Mi Ran, who has a strong image with a great speaking ability, showed tears during every training session, getting herself the nickname of “crybaby Mi Ran.” Hong Eun Hee was the fastest to adapt to the military life due to the coaching of her husband, Yoo Joon Sang, who served in the Lee Ki Ja unit (one of the most difficult to endure). However, despite having a fast knowledge of the way things worked in the army, her body did not willingly follow her directions.

Singer G.NA and comedian Maeng Seung Ji are anticipated to become pretty clumsy soldiers. G.NA especially, is like Henry, doing and saying a lot of unexpected things, making the other members anxious. Similarly, Maeng Seung Ji is unpredictable, as well, the members not knowing what she’ll do next.

Unlike the other members, however, short track athlete Park Seung Hee excelled in every obstacle like a gold medalist and was thus given the image of the best solider within the group, as expected.

2014.08.23_real men female army special 2

Meanwhile, this episode will air this upcoming Sunday, August 24 on MBC. Is anyone tuning in?

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