KARA’s Gyuri Says It’s Stressful Being Compared to Other Members, Talks About Diets

On the August 23 broadcast of MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World’s” ‘Expert vs. Idol’ special, KARA member Park Gyuri confessed, “Out of the members, Goo Hara and Han Seung Yeon have such skinny body builds, so just being in between them is stressful. I’ve tried out various diet methods.”

The KARA member continued to explain her experience with diets: “After working so hard to lose weight and completing an important filming, I found myself seeking out delicious food due to stress. I would binge eat, but then I would start exercising again right away out of guilt. And that caused [the food] in my stomach to start coming up, which eventually made me throw up. This repetitive cycle caused me to have acid reflux.”

However, Gyuri warned against unsafe diets, saying, “I did this kind of diet in the past, but I don’t do it anymore. Now I do a more sensible diet.”
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