Model-Actor Hong Jong Hyun Asked to Choose Between Girl’s Day’s Yura and After School’s Nana

The August 23 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married” showed the second part of Hong Suk Chun’s meeting with the Hong Jong HyunYura couple, during which he gave the two of them a lesson on becoming closer as a couple.

In the midst of this “lesson,” Hong Suk Chun brought up After School/Orange Caramel’s Nana, as Hong Jong Hyun and Nana worked together as MCs on the cable television program “Style Log,” saying, “It seems you get along well with Nana. I felt ‘something’ [between you two],” as he jokingly referred to Girl’s Day’s song titled “Something.”

Hong Suk Chun continued to probe deeper by asking Hong Jong Hyun, “Who do you have a better connection with, between Nana and Yura?” Instead of answering right away, Hong Jong Hyun took some time to think seriously about the unexpected question.

After seeing Hong Jong Hyun hesitate, Hong Suk Chun couldn’t hide his frustration, scolding the model-actor for having no sense when he could have just answered “Yura” without thinking so hard about it. Hong Suk Chun caused a round of laughter, as he compared the question to choosing between a wife and a childhood schoolmate.
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