KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Confesses to Fainting Due to Dieting On “Quiz to Change the World”

A lot of artists undergo various diet regimes in order to change their looks prior to making their comeback. KARA’s Han Seung Yeon is among those many artists who have taken such effort and she shared her experience while on the show, “Quiz to Change the World.”

On the special “Doctor vs. Idol” episode of MBC‘s “Quiz to Change the World” aired on August 23, Han Seung Yeon revealed the special diet regime that she underwent. “As a healthy diet method, I exercised four times a week for two hours and ate a high-protein diet,” Han Seung Yeon revealed.

“However, it was a diet method that was not fit with my health so I felt dizzy once when I went out of a public bath. I didn’t remember anything after that,” Han Seung Yeon recalled the incident.

Although she did a relatively healthy way to lose weight, Han Seung Yeon revealed that not all diet plans would work for everybody and that she learned from her experience. “It is important to do a diet that fits the person (doing it.) After that, I didn’t cut back on my food intake,” she added.

KARA Han Seungyeon

Good thing that’s all that happened to her! Hope she’s having a healthier diet plan now. �de42