Park Kyung Lim Transforms Into A Long-Haired Goddess For the First Time, Reminisces “Nonstop” Days With Jo In Sung

In a recent photo shoot for the poster of her upcoming talk concert, the announcer and DJ Park Kyung Lim made a surprising transformation for the first time in her career.

The MBC show “Section TV Entertainment Relay” caught up with the usually short-haired broadcast personality who has transformed into a long-haired goddess in a photo shoot.

Park Kyung Lim was seen wearing a flowy white dress that matches her wavy, brown hair. She exuded the air of a goddess as she showed her chic and pure side.

The broadcast personality who isn’t used to doing the goddess concept in photoshoots revealed the secret to her transformation. “The photographers told me not to hold my chin up so I definitely didn’t lift my chin up,” she said with a laugh. “The generation has changed. Even ajummas can do this pure concept,” she continued, making the people laugh.

Meanwhile, on the same episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” Park Kyung Lim reminisced about her sitcom days in “Nonstop” with Jo In Sung.

Formerly known as “Jo In Sung’s Girl,” Park Kyung Lim laughingly shared, “Originally, I appeared first (than Jo In Sung.) At first, Jo In Sung saw my character. Later the ‘I am Jo In Sung’s girl’ just burst and I suggested to put in a kiss scene in there.”

After many years since working together on “Nonstop,” Park Kyung Lim sent Jo In Sung a video message through “Section TV Entertainment Relay.”

“Even if we can’t see each other often, I hope you remember that noona is always cheering you on. Think that Gong Hyo Jin were me and (use that to) act,” Park Kyung Lim said.

Park Kyung Lim Park Kyung Lim