Lee Dong Wook Packs a Punch for His “Iron Man” Character

Actor Lee Dong Wook will be making his comeback through the new KBS drama “Iron Man.” His new character, Joo Hong Bin, is a man who is able to put his counterpart into a state of panic with not only his elaborate speech skills, but also physical fighting skills as well.

In the released stills, Lee Dong Wook can be seen in a ring on top of a counterpart, peering at him with anger and hatred. He can also be seen expressing his masculinity through his charisma that comes with the anger and action scenes, which brings out the curiosity about his character.

2014.08.25_lee dong wook iron man

A representative associated with “Iron Man” revealed, “Lee Dong Wook led the filming with his continuous energy that lasted throughout the entire duration of the shoot. We hope that people pay attention to how he portrays the character of Joo Hong Bin, from his cold heart to the heated anger that the character experiences throughout the drama.”

Meanwhile, “Iron Man” will be about a man who has knives sticking out of his body, figuratively, because of all of the hurt and anger built up inside of him. But as he meets the warmest, nicest woman, Son Se Dong (portrayed by Shin Se Kyung), his scars begin to get healed. This romantic fantasy melodrama will air its first episode on September 10, taking the Wednesday-Thursday slot in place of “Joseon Gunman.”