Jung Woo Sung Collaborates with Yoon Jong Shin in “Men Without Women”

Actor Jung Woo Sung will participate in Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin’s August production.

On August 25, Yoon Jong Shin revealed on his Facebook and Twitter accounts that “On Wednesday, August 27, the track and music video of “Men Without Women,” the August track in Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin, will be released and Jung Woo Sung participated in both. The music video will be released on August 26.” Yoon Jong Shin uploaded a photo along with the message.

The picture shows the lips of a man who is receiving a phone call, and with just one look people know it is Jung Woo Sung.


People who found out about the news are both interested and curious as to how Jung Woo Sung participated in the song and the music video. The fact that Jung Woo Sung is participating in Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin is a hot topic because in the past, Yoon Jong Shin had claimed he looked like Jung Woo Sung. Jung Woo Sung had jokingly refused such comparison but now it looks like it is inevitable with the collaboration coming up.

Meanwhile, Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin is drawing attention for collaborating with Murakami Haruki’s new project “Men Without Women.” Not only is the title and cover image the same, but it is expected that the lyrics of the song will be related to the content in the short story.