Park Hae Jin Transforms Into a Psychopath in New “Bad Guys” Stills

On August 25, character teaser stills of Park Hae Jin in the new OCN series “Bad Guys” were released. In the stills, Park Hae Jin can be seen in what seems to be a prisoner’s uniform and handcuffs. With his cold stares and tears running down his face, the stills raised fans’ anticipation for the drama.

In his first psychopath role of his acting career, Park Hae Jin plays Lee Jung Moon, the youngest member of MENSA with an IQ of 160. He is a young genius with a Doctorate in Philosophical Mathematics, but he also has a hidden psychopathic side to him, which turns him into a serial killer. His pale face, colorless lips, blank stares, and dark hair that covers one of his eyes, give the stills a cold aura that raises anticipation for the character of Lee Jung Moon.

2014.08.25_park hae jin bad guys stills

On the day of filming, Park Hae Jin showed off his tall figure, despite the fact that he didn’t have his shoes on. He portrayed his character with small detailed gestures, such as picking at the wall with his fingers, or reading a book. It’s been revealed that the way he focused on the character and portrayed him through acting was complimented many of the staff members present at the scene.

Meanwhile, “Bad Guys” will be about a police detective that gathers a group of violent criminals in order to stop a bigger crime. It also stars Ma Dong Suk, Kang Ye Won, Jo Dong Hyuk, Kim Sang Joong, and Kim Tae Hoon. It will air its first episode this coming October 4 on OCN.