Jay Park Reveals the Full Track List to “EVOLUTION” Album and Shares His Thoughts on His Music

Jay Park has uploaded two photos onto his Instagram account revealing the full track list to his soon-to-be released second album, “EVOLUTION,” along with a screenshot of a note that expressed his thoughts on his music. “EVOLUTION” is a very personal album that is filled with elements that reference to his life. The album’s titled track, “So Good,” was collaboratively produced with his AOMG member/longtime friend Cha Cha Malone. “So Good” is a song about the two friends’ reminiscent childhood inspiration Michael Jackson. Jay Park has confidently took part in producing and creating all 17 tracks to his new album “EVOLUTION,” and will be showing his unique colors and progression as an artist.

Jay Park’s second full length album “EVOLUTION” will be releasing under SidusHQ agency on September 1. The day after his album release, he will be holding a comeback showcase at the Lotte Card Art Center in Seoul, and will continue to promote his album thereafter. Meanwhile, Jay Park has already opened his first comeback showcase in Shanghai, China and is scheduled to tour to Beijing and Guangzhou on August 30-31.


Check out the music video for the album’s track number five, “The Promise“, which is a song he dedicated to his fans who patiently waited for his comeback: