Jun Ji Hyun Sports Shorter Hair in Latest Photo

Jun Ji Hyun cuts her trademark long tresses and came out with shorter hair at a recent event in Shanghai. The shorter hair did not detract from the A-list actress’ looks as she attended a fashion party hosted by a brand of shoes in China on August 23.

The “My Love from the Star” actress was among other top-notch celebrities all over Asia invited, including Chinese actresses Gao Yuan Yuan and Han Yu Qin.

The image of Jun Ji Hyun with her shoulder-length hair immediately became public and spread through Weibo (China’s social networking site). In the photo, Jun Ji Hyun is presented a trophy by Chinese actress Han Yu Qin. Jun Ji Hyun and Han Yu Qin are both praised for being beautiful and elegant and polite. Their moment on stage together made everyone very happy.

Jun Ji Hyun also shared some updates during an interview, saying, “The new film will be shooting starting next week. Depending on what the director says about the role, I am ready to cut a lot more hair.”

The new film she is referring to is “Assasins,” directed by her “The Thieves” director, Choi Dong Hoon.

Jun Ji Hyun in Shanghai event