Joo Won Reveals “I Want to Age Like DiCaprio” Behind the Scenes of InStyle

Actor Joo Won recently modeled for the first issue of star and fashion magazine “InStyle Men.” The concept of the shoot was getting ready to go out while welcoming a relaxed morning. It took place in a hotel suite, and accentuated his sweet and smooth charms. The way he touched up his own hairstyle and naturally getting ready made it seem like a scene from a movie.

2014.08.25_joo won instyle 1&2

In an interview that followed, Joo Won was asked about how he maintained his good skin. He replied, “Until three years ago I only put on baby lotion, but people around me were very shocked by that fact. Now I put in some more care. Before I go to sleep I put on some skin lotion and mist after I wash my face. But in the morning I make sure I follow the steps of the care kit.” He continued, “After 10 years I want to age like Leonardo DiCaprio. He used to be the most handsome man in Hollywood, but now I like the way he changed himself in order to portray the roles that match his age.”

2014.08.25_joo won instyle 3

2014.08.25_joo won instyle 4

His full pictorial and interview was released on August 18 in the first issue of “InStyle Men.”

What do you guys think of Joo Won’s plans? Do you think he will age similarly?