T.O.P Talks About Acting and Revealing Skin in “Tazza 2”

During the press conference held for his upcoming film “Tazza: Hand of God” (also known as “Tazza 2“), T.O.P talked about revealing skin and acting in the film.

On the scene where he had to take off his clothes, he said, “the atmosphere was friendly and unique,” adding, “there are a group of men naked in that scene. We were not used to that so we couldn’t even look at each other when we were not shooting. The female actors were also naked so we couldn’t really look anywhere, out of courtesy.”

On the original comics’ huge fan base and his approach to the character, T.O.P said, “there are a lot of mania fans who like the original manhwa by Heo Young Man. I approached Daegil as someone who was a spokesperson for the character, instead of claiming the character as my own.”

“Tazza 2” is a follow-up movie to “Tazza: High Rollers” released in 2007. It will open in theaters September 3.