So Ji Sub Opens Up about Marriage

Actor So Ji Sub revealed his thoughts on marriage.

During an interview with the Chinese media, So Ji Sub revealed his thoughts on his 18-year long career and his future plans. On releasing his latest hip-hop single “18 Years,” he said, “as an actor, I didn’t have many opportunities to interact with my fans. I wanted to express my experiences in a different way.”

When he was asked about whether he had any plans for marriage, he gave an honest answer, admitting that as a 37-year-old unmarried actor, he gets a lot of questions about marriage.

“To be honest, I wanted to get married before I hit 40, but since I don’t have much time left, I think it’ll be difficult. I personally believe that once you start seeing someone, you have to see them for at least a year before getting married. I think it’ll be hard for me to get married before 40.”

When asked about his ideal partner, he said, “Someone who is considerate and understanding of my work. In the beginning they all seem to think they can understand my profession, but I think most people find it difficult. Even when I want to see them, I often can’t go see them because of work.”

So Ji Sub recently completed his Asia tour through six countries, meeting fans in each country. He will complete his “So Ji Sub 1st Asia Tour” series with a last fan meeting in Seoul on August 30.