BEAT WIN Releases a Mysterious Teaser for “Illusion”

Rookie boy group BEAT WIN has released a mysterious teaser for their upcoming comeback single “Illusion!”

Under the entertainment company Heavenly Star and comprising of six members Sunhyuk, Sangkyu, Youngjo, Jungha, Yoonhoo, and Sungho, BEAT WIN debuted in January of this year with a single called “She’s My Girl.” The music video for “Illusion” will be their second music video after the video for their debut single.

In the teaser for their upcoming music video for “Illusion,” a member of BEAT WIN can be seen stopping time to kiss a girl. The song is a powerful dance track with a different charm from “She’s My Girl.”

BEAT WIN will officially begin promotions on August 27 with the release of “Illusion.”

Watch the teaser video for “Illusion” below!