A Pink’s Chorong Is Nervous and Excited for Acting Debut on “Plus Nine Boys”

On August 25 at Gangnam district’s Imperial Palace Hotel, A Pink’s Chorong and other members of the cast on tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama, “Plus Nine Boys,” assembled for a production conference about the series.

Commenting on the show, Chorong told reporters, “I play the role of a mysterious girl with many secrets. This is the first time I have really acted, so I am nervous and excited. I’ve practiced hard, so please cheer for me.” CJ E&M producer Yoo Hak Chan, who is a fan of A Pink, stated that “Rong Leader” (Park Chorong) is skilled and hard working, giving her a thumbs up.

a pink chorong plus nine boys 2

On “Plus Nine Boys,” Chorong acts the part of a Jeong Balsan District beauty who is Kang Min Gu (BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae)’s romantic interest.

Fans can catch “Plus Nine Boys” on tvN starting August 29 at 8:40 p.m.