Go Hyun Jung Shows off Her Clear Skin for Marie Claire

Actress Go Hyun Jung has appeared in a “Re:NK” brand makeup pictorial for fashion magazine Marie Claire’s September issue. Her alluring and elegant charm, as well as the romantic mood set in the pictorial, has captured the public eye.

In the pictorial, the makeup colors are mainly bright pink and mellow red-brown, complimenting Go Hyun Jung’s soft feminine beauty. Gold, beige, and brown add contrast to her semi-smokey eyeshadow. The sophisticated atmosphere and Go Hyun Jung’s delicate smile make her look twice as lovely.

In particular, Go Hyun Jung’s unblemished complexion–which caused citizens to select her as first on the “Ten Stars with the Most Perfect Skin” survey–remains as always unchanged.

Fans can check out the actress’s fall/winter makeup pictorial in Marie Claire’s September edition.

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