SHINee’s Taemin Explains Why He Chose a Strong Solo Concept for The Celebrity

On August 26, creative lifestyle magazine The Celebrity revealed a brand new interview and pictorial featuring SHINee’s Taemin, who is currently in the middle of his very first solo promotions with “Danger.”

In the unveiled pictorial, Taemin can be seen doing a variety of poses, with different colored paint stained walls acting as his background. The photo shoot is gaining attention for the way the SHINee member showcases a charismatic image, especially with his intense gaze toward the camera.

In an interview following the photo shoot, Taemin was asked about the concept of his solo album, to which he replied, “The visual style, like my makeup and hairstyle, has made quite a strong transformation. I thought it would be good to show a side of me that not many people know about, besides fans. I wanted to show that ‘This is Taemin,’ with my own distinct music color and big improvements in my music ability.”

You can find the full pictorial and interview in the September issue of The Celebrity magazine.
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Update (September 15): 

The Celebrity has released a behind the scenes video for Taemin’s photoshoot.