Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Unveils Her Adorable Baby Pictures

Girls’ Generation member Yuri recently revealed photos of her younger self that were taken with her older brother during their childhood.

On August 26, Yuri posted a brief message on her own personal Instagram account, “Jun love me sooooo much. All of my fans love me too i love u guys also �de09 [sic],” along with a photo of her with her older brother, Jun, as children.

In the uploaded photo, the two siblings can be seen sitting together on a stone bench with playful expressions on their faces, as Yuri’s brother has his arms wrapped around her.

Additionally, the Girls’ Generation member’s brother also posted another photo from their childhood onto his own Instagram account. In this particular picture, you can see Yuri sitting on a toy car in between her brother and cousin, with a big, bright smile on her face.