SISTAR Members Pose Together for a Fun Selca in the Sun

All four members of girl group SISTAR recently revealed a surprise selca especially for their fans.

On August 26, SISTAR member Dasom posted through the group’s official Twitter account, “[Dasom] Coming Soon!!!!!!!!! Please listen to ‘I SWEAR’ a lot!!^^ This is a special ‘thank you’ album just for the fans!” Along with this description, a snapshot of the members all gathered together was also uploaded in the post.

In the revealed picture, the members of SISTAR can be seen inside of a car with their own distinct poses, as they smile brightly for the camera. You can see Dasom winking for fans for a cute pose, while Hyorin can be seen with her sunglasses resting on top of her head, as well as a big smile, for a more casual, laid-back style. Also, Bora can be seen wearing a crisp, white blouse for a fresh, clean-cut look, while you can see Soyu posing on the back of Hyorin’s seat, wearing sunglasses and a cropped tank top, for an overall sexy look.

Meanwhile, SISTAR released their special album titled “Sweet & Sour” on August 26, and they plan on beginning active follow-up promotions with the new title song, “I Swear.”

Check out the music video for “I Swear” here, if you haven’t already seen it!