“Treacherous Subject” Lands Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Kang Woo, and Lim Ji Yeon For its Cast

On August 26, Lotte Entertainment revealed that actors Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Kang Woo, and Lim Ji Yeon have confirmed their casting in the movie “Treacherous Subject.”

“Treacherous Subject” is a historical drama taking place during Yeonsangun’s reign in Joseon, and the story is about the king and his subject who seems loyal, but becomes the main culprit as political affairs escalate. Joo Ji Hoon, who has worked with director Min Kyu Dong before on “Antique,” will play the role of Soong Jae, the ‘treacherous subject’ of the king, and Joo Ji Hoon plans to display his refined acting.

Kim Kang Woo will play the role of Yeonsangun. He has previously played many characters with an overwhelming sense of justice that just cannot be hated in various movies such as “Tabloid Truth” and “Marriage Blue,” and this time around, Kim Kang Woo plans to portray the most bizarre king of his era, abandoned by both the vassals and the commoners.

Lim Ji Yeon, who showed off her deadly charms in “Obsessed,” will be playing the female title role of Dan Hee. Dan Hee is a female chosen out of 10,000 by Soong Jae and she is able to come to the palace, but everything about her is veiled. Dan Hee is a character perfect for the actress, as Lim Ji Yeon possesses that mysterious vibe that meshes well with the movie’s atmosphere.

“Treacherous Subject” begins shooting in September.

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