Baechigi Releases New Comeback Teaser for “Boy Jump” feat. Ailee and Eru

Hiphop group Baechigi will be releasing their new song “Boy Jump” on August 29.

Prior to the release of the new song, Baechigi’s agency uploaded a teaser at midnight on August 26 through the agency’s YouTube channel. Ailee and Eru, both from the same agency as Baechigi, appear in the music video teaser.

In the teaser, Baechigi member Moowoong is sleeping in a subway train with Ailee and Eru sitting on either side of him. As Moowoong’s head keeps leaning against both of them, both get annoyed and Ailee ends up slapping Moowoong on the back of the head, making the cast erupt in laughter. At the end, the video shows that the song features Mamamoo’s Wha Sa, generating more interest in the song.

Baechigi is teaming up with 3B again, who worked with them on “Dduraeyo.”

“Boy Jump” will be released through online music sites on August 29.