Roy Kim to Make Hosting Debut on SBS’ New Music Variety Show

Singer Roy Kim has taken a step towards becoming an MC by hosting SBS’ new variety show “Something,” scheduled to air over the Chuseok holiday.

The star took part in filming the pilot episode on August 24. Despite being the youngest of the group, Roy Kim earned praises from fellow MCs thanks to his earnest attitude and expertise in music.

“I was nervous to be in front of my seniors, but being able to both talk and sing enabled me to have fun while filming,” the singer commented on the experience, and continued, “Even though my first variety hosting experience has its shortcomings, I ask for your support.”

“Something” is a new variety show that showcases the lives of people from diverse backgrounds through music. The 12 stars sharing their stories in the pilot episode are Kang Ho Dong, Choi Baek Ho, Kim Jung Eun, Akdong Musician, Park Geun Hyung, Yoon Sang Hoon, Lim Sang Ah, Dynamic Duo, Baek Hyuk Kwon, Lim Chang Jung, Lee Pil Mo, and Roy Kim.