Kim Jang Hoon Hospitalized After a 24-Day Hunger Strike, Demands Investigation Into Sewol Ferry Tragedy

Singer Kim Jang Hoon has been hospitalized after fasting for 24 days, expressing his support for victims of the Sewol ferry disaster that are demanding the government to launch a proper investigation into the tragedy.

A representative of the star revealed on August 27, “Kim Jang Hoon, who was admitted to a hospital on August 24 after fainting earlier that day, participated in an event for the victims of Sewol ferry incident on August 25 and stayed at home after that, but was hospitalized again on August 26.”

“Due to his worsening state of health, he was hospitalized, and from today onwards, he will no longer fast for health reasons,” the source added, and concluded, “However, Kim Jang Hoon will seek other ways of helping the victims of the tragedy and their families.”

From August 4 to 7, the singer participated in the first hunger strike, held to express the victims’ demand for a special Sewol Law. From August 8 onwards, the supporters have been on a second fasting period.

You may follow the star’s admirable journey through his Facebook page, which he has updated daily with photos and writings related to the hunger strike.