SHINee’s Taemin Reveals He’s Not So Experienced in the Love Department

Being a handsome young guy from a popular boy group at the tender age of 21, one would expect SHINee’s Taemin to be quite the ladies’ man. But the young singer confessed otherwise.

On the August 26 airing of the MBC FM4U show, “Sunny’s FM Date,” the youngest SHINee member, Taemin, made a revelation about his love life. “I think I’m lacking in experience when it comes to dating,” said Taemin.

On this episode, DJ Sunny from Girls’ Generation asked Taemin, “If you have a person that you like in the future, are you the type to confess first or are you the type to watch from afar and cannot express how you feel?”

Taemin replied, “If I really like (the girl), I think I’ll confess first. My heart likes to hurry so, what should I say? I think I’m still lacking in experience.”

“It’s been a long while since I dated so I don’t remember (much),” added Taemin.

DJ Sunny didn’t let Taemin off the hook so easily and followed up with the question, “Is it because you’re inexperienced in dating?,” and then gave her friendly advice, “You should try dating a lot while you’re young and pretty.”

To which Taemin said, “I’ll date with my fans.”

“That’s an excellent answer,” laughed Sunny.


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