Tiny-G Member Mint Received a House for Her Birthday

Tiny-G star Mint has revealed that she received a house as a present from her parents, drawing some gentle teasing from comedian Jung Hyung Don.

Appearing as a guest on MBC entertainment show “Idol Schoolon August 26, the star spoke out about her family’s wealth. The show’s host asked her, “Is it true that you come from a very well-to-do family?”

To this, Mint answered, “Yes. Actually, I received a house as a birthday present once.”

The following day, when the star appeared on “Weekly Idol” (also on MBC), host Jung Hyung Don jokingly made reference to Mint’s prosperity. He said, “My respected owner! Have I ever told you how pretty you are?”

Tiny-G’s most recent musical release was the track “Ice Baby,” which was a hit for the girl group in July this year.