Supernova’s Sungje to Enlist in the Military Today

Sungje of six-member group Supernova will be enlisting today in order to fulfill his military service obligations.

On August 28, Sungje will be admitted into the Chungnam Nonsan Army Camp, where he will receive four weeks of basic military training. Following this training period, he plans to begin serving as a part of the promotional unit for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

As a member of Supernova—a group that has been receiving a lot of love while doing promotions mostly in Japan—there is said to be around 1000 Japanese fans waiting to send Sungje off to the army. With the support of these loyal fans, Sungje will be holding a brief fan meeting ahead of his entrance into the camp.

Earlier, the Supernova member underwent auditions before being notified of his acceptance into the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency promotional unit.

Meanwhile, Supernova made their national debut into the music industry in 2007, before beginning active promotions in Japan, where they released a number of albums.