Jung Dong Ha to Release His First Solo Album in October

Singer Jung Dong Ha, most well-known as the vocalist of the long-standing rock band Boohwal, will finally be releasing his very first solo album in October, nine years after his debut.

Jung Dong Ha’s agency Evermore Music released on August 28: “We recorded Jung Dong Ha’s first solo album over three days at the Ocean Way Studio and West Lake Studio in Los Angeles from August 24 to August 26.”

Various famous musicians have recorded at these studios, including Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, and The Rolling Stones.

Legendary American drummer John JR Robinson, who has recorded for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Daft Punk, and Quicy Jones, recorded the drums for Jung Dong Ha’s album.

Bassist Alex Al, who has recorded for Lionel Ritchie, Christina Aguilera, and Stevie Wonder, collaborated on Jung Dong Ha’s upcoming album, while Brent Paschke, who is the current guitarist for Pharrell Williams, also participated on the album.

Jung Dong Ha’s first solo album will be released in October.