Teaser Trailer and Poster Revealed for Upcoming Thriller “Manhole” Starring Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Yoo Mi, and Kim Sae Ron

On August 28, the teaser poster was released for the upcoming film “Manhole,” starring Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Yoo Mi, and Kim Sae Ron. It seems like a photo of a normal neighborhood alley but a mysterious heel is found next to a semi-opened, steaming manhole.

2014.08.28_manhole poster

It is said that the scariest part of the movie is that is gives viewers the thought that something could happen at the most unexpected places; something as common as a manhole can serve as the tunnel to death.

A trailer was also released. The trailer is focused on the tens of thousands of manholes that exist in every street and alleyway of a city. Over the course of six months more than ten people have disappeared without a trace, except now they start to find clues in the manholes, such as strings of hair and spots of blood. The trailer gives glimpses of the dark secrets lurking under the streets of Seoul and raises anticipation for the thriller.

The film will be about the battle between an unknown ruler of the underworld, which is comprised of a webbed network of tunnels, and those that have been kidnapped for some unknown reason. The battle will be a matter of life and death, and it will serve as a great horror thriller for the fall, as it is set to be released later this year in October.

2014.08.28_manhole bts

Anyone a fan of thrillers and scary movies?