Lyn Drops Invitation Photo Teaser ahead of “Home” Live Album Release

Solo star Lyn has released a teaser image for her forthcoming live album “Home.” The image is a collage of two pictures, which show an invitation card that has been positioned on a bed of lush, green plants. Inside, the card reads, “You are invited to Lyn’s home.”


The album will be made available online on September 12, and was recorded at a concert held in May this year. Physical copies will be available as of September 16. According to Music&New, the talent agency that represents the star, a total of 10 live tracks will be included on the release, as well as two new and previously unreleased songs.

A spokesperson for the agency explained, “As this is Lyn’s first live album, she tried to do her best to make it sound as though she was performing at a small, cozy venue, and to capture that atmosphere for the listeners.”