After School’s Lizzy Shows off Her Girlish Charm in Esquire

After School‘s Lizzy recently showed off her girlish charm in a pictorial for Esquire magazine.

During the interview that followed, the singer expressed, “I’m worried that because I laugh all the time, people will see me as a mindless kid.”

Lizzy is currently getting ready to be an idol-turned-actress just like many others by being selected to appear in the movie “Today’s Love” and in the web drama “Momo Salon.”

This is not the first time that Lizzy has appeared on the big screen as she also appeared in the 2011 horror movie “White: The Melody of the Curse” and in various dramas including “All My Love,” “Rascal Sons” and “What Is Mom.”

Recently, Lizzy came back with the sub unit Orange Caramel through their new song “My Copycat” on August 14.