Celebrity Hong Seok Cheon Jokingly Copies Kim Jae Joong’s Pose Through Recent Selca

Celebrity Hong Seok Cheon posted a picture of himself with the same pose as JYJ member Kim Jae Joong.

On August 27, Hong Seok Cheon posted this picture on his Twitter and wrote, “I still look okay, right Jae Joong? Fighting.”

Recently, Hong Seok Cheon won the “Between Friends 20 Human Rights Award” which is given to those who stand up for the rights of the sexual minority.

After coming out as a homosexual in 2004, Hong Seok Cheon got fired from his position in a TV show and soon after was chosen by the Time magazine as the 2004 Asian hero. In 2005, he came on a talk show alongside his parents to talk about his life ever since coming out. Also soon after, when his sister divorced, he adopted her kids and changed their last name as his. As well as comedian and actor, Hong Seok Cheon owns various restaurants, notably in the Itaewon area, which is one of the trendy spots and the hang-out places for foreigners in the capital city of Korea.

Hong Seok Cheon and Kim Jae Joong