U-KISS Celebrates Sixth Debut Anniversary!

On August 28, a video celebrating U-KISS’ sixth debut anniversary was uploaded onto the group’s official YouTube account. This congratulatory video contained a special message just for their fans, KISSme, as it is titled, “Dear.KISSme ♥ A Video Message from U-KISS. Thank You for Loving Us So Much for 6 Years. We Love You.” The group made their debut into the music industry on August 28, 2008.

In the message, members Jun, Soohyun, Kiseop, Hoon, Kevin, and Eli shared their words of thanks and love to the fans who have continued to support them for the past six years. They expressed: “We are making a lot of great memories with KISSme. There have been a lot of good things and not so good things that have happened, but thank you so much for always believing in U-KISS and loving us. We will continue to do a lot of activities in the future, so we hope you show us even more love. It’s because of KISSme that we are even able to promote, so thank you.”

The group’s newest member, Jun, who joined in May of this year, also shared his sadness over not being able to build as many memories as he would like with KISSme. However, his fellow members encouraged him that he has many opportunities to make more memories in the future.

The members also humorously joked about the many changes that have occurred over the past six years, especially with the ‘aging’ of both U-KISS and KISSme. They ended the video message with a promise to their fans that they will always work hard, and each member individually said, “I love you” to fans.

Happy sixth anniversary to U-KISS and KISSme!