A Pink’s Bomi to Show Off Her Cooking Skills on “A Pink’s Showtime”

The August 28 broadcast of the MBC Every1 variety program “A Pink’s Showtime” will show Eunji’s younger brother visiting Eunji at A Pink’s dorm in Seoul during his school vacation.

While Eunji was thinking of things to do when her brother arrives, the A Pink members suggested taking him to a good restaurant. Following this suggestion, member Bomi offered the idea, “Let’s personally cook for him instead,” and set out to cook up one of Eunji’s brother’s favorite foods—a duck meat dish.

The members each decided on a menu, from duck meat to ddeokbokki. As they were cooking, they confessed, “This is the first time that all of us have cooked together.”

During this episode, Bomi will be showing off her knowledge of ingredients, as well as her impressive knife skills.

Find out if Eunji’s brother was satisfied with Bomi and the rest of A Pink’s home-cooked meals on “A Pink’s Showtime” on August 28 at 6 PM (KST).