A Pink Members Take Eunji’s Brother Around Seoul, He Chooses His Ideal Type

On the August 28 broadcast of MBC Every1’s reality program “A Pink’s Showtime,” member Eunji’s younger brother travelled to Seoul from Busan in order to visit his sister at A Pink’s dorm.

Following a delicious ‘welcome dinner’ that was personally cooked by the A Pink members themselves, they all went out on the streets of Seoul, and stopped by a clothing store to buy Eunji’s brother a ‘date outfit.’ After buying matching outfits for herself and her brother, they continued on to Cheonggyecheon, a popular tourist area in downtown Seoul.

Eunji, known for having a very close relationship with her brother who is eight years younger, did not hesitate to hold hands with her brother as they walked out and about in Seoul with the rest of the members.

During the same episode, the members asked Eunji’s brother who he most wanted to see out of all the A Pink members. He responded, “I wanted to see Bomi nuna. She’s very lively so she stands out.” Then they went further by asking him to choose his ideal type, to which he answered, “My nuna is number one,” showing off the Jung-sibling love.

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