New “Iron Man” Stills Featuring Lee Dong Wook, New Cast Member Revealed

On August 28, new stills of Lee Dong Wook were released. In the photos, he shows off his perfect abs while getting ready in a gym in only a towel that is wrapped around his waist.

These stills are of the upcoming drama “Iron Man,” where Lee Dong Wook portrays Joo Hong Bin, a cold hearted man that expresses his anger physically and verbally towards his counterparts in order to cover up his own wounds. Behind stories from the set reveal that Lee Dong Wook had 100% of his focus into acting the character, which greatly helped with the flow of the filming.

2014.08.28_iron man lee dong wook stills

In other news, SidusHQ revealed that actress Lee Mi Sook would be joining the cast of “Iron Man” as Joo Hong Bin’s housekeeper. Many are wondering what kind of character she would be, seeing that she’s maintained the image of a charismatic character in a lot of her previous dramas.

2014.08.28_iron man lee mi sook

“Iron Man” is a fantasy melodrama about a man who has internal wounds due to knives sticking out of his body, and a woman that changes him with her bright and caring personality. It will also star Shin Se Kyung, Kim Gab Soo, Jung Yoo Geun, and Hang Jung Soo. It will be written by Kim Kyu Hwan, who also wrote “Piano” and “Birth Secret,” and directed by Kim Yong Soo, who also directed “Equator Man” and “Blade and Petal.” The first episode of “Iron Man” will be aired this upcoming September 10, taking the Wednesday-Thursday slot from “The Joseon Gunman” on KBS.