Baechigi Drops “Boy Jump” Video; Ailee, Eru, Lucky J and More Make Cameos

Two-member hip hop act Baechigi has released a music video for the group’s new track “Boy Jump.” The song features the vocals of Mamamoo member Wha Sa, and is the follow-up to “Dduraeyo,” a massive hit for the group, which was released in March this year.

The video features cameos from a plethora of K-Pop stars, such as Ailee, Eru, Lucky J, Mighty Mouth’s Shorry, and actress-singer Shin Bora.

The new song has also seen the group team up with 3B, a songwriter who also worked with Baechigi on “Dduraeyo.” The track uses samples of 1920s-style instruments and features a lively brass section.


The artwork for the “Boy Jump” jacket features a cartoon robot invader and UFOs, and was inspired by a 1990s’ animated novel series by the same name.