New Chinese Melodrama Releases Still of 2PM Nichkhun

2PM’s Nichkhun was cast in the Chinese melodrama “Looking For Aurora,” and the drama is in the final stages of filming.

Nichkhun plays the role of Wang Yi Lin, a promising international lawyer who wins the trust of those around him with his warm personality, thus making him a perfect man. He is also the heroine’s man.

On August 28, “Looking For Aurora” held its production press conference in Shenzhen, and along with Nichkhun, actors Wang Dong Cheng and Zheng Luo Chan introduced themselves. After six months of filming the drama in Shenzhen, the teaser and still cuts were released for the first time, gathering extraordinary interest from the involved parties.

“Looking For Aurora” runs on the theme of “finding the meaning of life,” and is about the love between couples and families. Lee Chang Han from Korea was the director.