[Throwback Thursday] Happy Anniversary, U-KISS! Fans Look Back on the Past Six Years + #SoompiAS4U Finalists!


Current Members: 7 (Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ [inactive], Hoon, Kevin, Jun)
Former Members: Alexander, Kibum, Dongho
Leader: Soohyun | Maknae: Jun
Year of Debut: 2008
Fanclub: KISSMe
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Six years ago, they were the “new kids on the block,” hot off the trails of a Korean mini-album release and a Japanese debut. Now, they are one of the veterans of K-Pop and international darlings to fans all over the world.

The original U-KISS, which stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star, was made up of six members: Kevin, Eli, Soohyun, Dongho, Kibum, and Alexander, with member Kiseop joining a year later in 2009. Together, the seven launched K-Pop classics such as “Man Man Ha Ni” and “Bingeul Bingeul.

Though NH Media announced the termination of the contracts of Alexander and Kibum, replacing the two with Hoon and AJ, in 2011, U-KISS’ popularity never wavered. With a new formation, U-KISS released hits like “0330,” and “Neverland,” whilst conquering the Oricon charts and touring in Japan. 2013 came and passed, and U-KISS was at the forefront of news: AJ and Eli formed subunit uBEAT, while maknae Dongho announced his departure. Nevertheless, with fans’ support, U-KISS once again met with success for their newest single in 2014, “Quit Playing,” which also features a new member Jun.

Today, they’re celebrating six years.

(Check back soon for a complete retelling of U-KISS’ journey, and before/after photo comparisons, coming soon!)

Here’s a quick blast from the past:

U-KISS’ first debut stage on M! Countdown with “Not Young” in 2008:

U-KISS’ goodbye stage on Music Bank with “Quit Playing” in 2014:

Just last week, we asked fans to send in videos of what U-KISS means to them as a part of #SoompiAS4U. The response was absolutely phenomenal. From dedicated song covers to heartwarming histories, fans told their U-KISS stories. For Soompi’s first Throwback Thursday series, we will embark on a journey to the heartstrings of the U-KISS fandom, which has stayed strong all these years, in celebration of U-KISS’ six years.


These four KISSMes from Peru showcased their amazing dedication with fan art, singing, and enthusiastic cheering!

A superfan from Canada recalls how U-KISS has helped her meet friends from all over the world. In her own words, “U-KISS have brought me so many smiles and laughs and has enabled me to meet some amazing people to share fun memories with.”

Jacqueline from New York tugs at our heartstrings with a courageous tale of how she was able to stay strong during an operation to remove a tumor with U-KISS’ “DORADORA

A mother and daughter pair’s recalling of how U-KISS has helped them through difficult times brought tears to their eyes (and ours)!

U-KISS has changed the life (literally) of this fan, who decided to reach for her dreams and pursue a career in art and fashion. “I’m always grateful to U-KISS because I was able to really go after something I used to be afraid of and also because of U-KISS I’ve met so many wonderful people who really motivate me,” she says.

We leave you with U-KISS expressing their thanks and love to their KISSMes.

Happy 6th Anniversary, U-KISS! Here’s to many more wonder-filled years!

Finalists for U-KISS’ #SoompiAS4U competition: @HoonRine93 | @_kebeans | @TinaTulip22 | @Fishywoo

Runner-ups: Hoondays | @CandyGirlKitKat

A big thank you goes out to everyone who submitted videos for our #SoompiAS4U competition!

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