US Remake of “Good Doctor” to Air on CBS

After almost four months since news of a US remake for “Good Doctor” was released, more details regarding the program have been finalized.

On August 29, KBS confirmed that the KBS 2TV drama series, “Good Doctor,” will be remade by US broadcast station CBS. This is the first time that a major US broadcast company will remake a Korean drama.

KBS also revealed that the US remake of “Good Doctor” has a high possibility of airing between 2015 or 2016. CBS Studios, 3AD, and Entermedia have pitched for next year’s season lineup on August 8 and CBS has decided to push through with the production of the drama, “Good Doctors.”

All production aspects of the US remake will be taken care of by CBS Studio. Adele Lim of the joint show runner “Star Crossroad” aired on CW Broadcast Company will be the writer of the US remake of “Good Doctor” which will have a Boston teaching hospital as background. “Lost” and “Hawaii Five-o” star Daniel Dae Kim’s newly-founded company, 3AD, and EnterMedia, a company that specializes in adapting Korean dramas to US format, will produce the series.

Who’s excited to see this?