MC Sniper Loses 10kgs, Shows Off Impressive Six-Packs

Rapper MC Sniper has been working out, with impressive results!

In the recent pictures posted to the rapper’s social media page, MC Sniper revealed his before and after pictures of his diet. From the pictures, it is evident that he has been working out extremely hard to gain the body he has now.

Along with the photos, he added, “I’ve been dieting to get out of a slump. To celebrate my new beginning with B-Kite, I’m giving you a sneak peek. I’ll be back soon with music I really worked hard on.”

Previously, MC Sniper has suffered from a serious slump after the release of his sixth album in 2012. His body suffered from the slump as well. However, with the help of his wife, he decided to go on a diet and managed to lose 10kg, and gain his confidence along the way.

Dubbed a poet of the hip-hop scene, MC Sniper recently started his new label B-Kite, and is expecting to release his new album “B-Kite 1” on September 5.