Jay Park Says He Likes All the Female Idols

Jay Park expressed his admiration of female idols on the latest episode of jTBC‘s “Witch Hunt“.

After hearing a concern from a viewer who said he can’t see younger women as possible romantic interests, Jay Park replied, “a friend of mine told me that once you get older, you get more into younger women.”

He then slyly added, “I didn’t like younger idols three, four years ago, either. But nowadays, I like all the idol girls.”

During this episode, the MCs also made Jay Park play an ideal type World Cup, where he had to pick an ideal type among various idols. Ultimately, he narrowed it down to Suzy and IU. Between the two, he struggled to pick his final ideal type.

Jay Park’s episode of “Witch Hunt” can be seen on jTBC on August 29 at 11pm KST.

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