SHINee‘s Key Celebrates “Zorro: The Musical” Debut with “Star Gazing” Staff

SHINee star Key has been celebrating after wrapping up his first performance in the title role of “Zorro: the Musical.” The singer, who co-hosts MBC entertainment show “Star Gazing,” enjoyed a laugh behind the scenes of the most recent edition of the program, when staff helped him to decorate him with congratulatory ribbons normally found on wreaths.

Key Instagram

The SHINee star shared photos of this on his Instagram account, along with a caption that read, “I have finished my first performance of ‘Zorro: The Musical.’ Thank you for coming see me, for standing up and applauding and laughing together. I felt like we were really together in that moment. I hope I can meet you again soon, as Zorro.”

Key will be taking it in turns with fellow K-Pop stars Yoseob of BEAST and Wheesung (as well as musical star Kim Woo Hyung) to play the role of the masked hero in the performance at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul’s Junggu district.