Chun Jung Myung Gets Teary for His New “Reset” Stills

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead!

New stills were recently released of Chun Jung Myung from his new drama “Reset.” In the stills, tears are running down from his face, raising fans’ anticipation for the next episode.

In the first episode that aired last week, it was revealed that the cold prosecutor Cha Woo Jin (portrayed by Chun Jung Myung) is a sort of mentalist that can hypnotize his counterparts—in this case suspects—to reveal what they are hiding. His connection to the female lead, Eun Bi (portrayed by Kim So Hyun), was also released. She plays two different roles—Seung Hee, Woo Jin’s first love from high school (that still lingers in his memories), and Eun Bi, the troublemaker girl that gets involved in his current case. She gets framed as the killer of a rich gangster’s son, and Cha Woo Jin uses his ability to investigate.

2014.08.29_reset chun jung myung stills

In the episode that is set to air this coming August 31, it is foreshadowed that Woo Jin’s locked memories will begin to come back to him. What happened to Woo Jin and Seung Hee, and the connection to Eun Bi will be revealed.

The team behind “Reset” revealed, “In the second episode, Woo Jin is going to gain back the memories of the event from his high school years—memories that have remained locked until now. The introduction of an unknown character X will also occur. Cha Woo Jin will uncover the cases that have been associated with this unknown X, and the battle between them will slowly begin. The second episode will begin to show the charismatic prosecutor that Chun Jung Myung will portray, and viewers will be able to delve deeper into the drama.”

Meanwhile, “Reset” is a memory chasing thriller drama that tells the story of the battle between a cold, strict prosecutor and an unknown criminal X. It also stars Kim So Hyun, Park Won Sang, and Shin Eun Jung, and airs every Sunday on OCN.

Anyone a fan of the drama yet?