Swings Leaves Brand New Music to Focus on His Own Agency Just Music

Rap star Swings has decided to part ways with talent agency Brand New Music, according to a statement from the company. Swings will instead pursue the activities of his own record label Just Music.

The agency told the media, “Brand New Music has been discussing the situation with Swings for some time, but he has decided to go his own way with Just Music. His contract officially runs out at the end of August, but we will still be finding ways to collaborate in the future. He has shown that he has a very honest and direct personality on [Mnet audition program] ‘Show Me the Money Season 3.’ We hope fans will continue to offer him their support.”

Currently signed to the Just Music label are artists such as Vasco and Black Nut. Swings debuted with the album “Upgrade” in 2008.